1. Do you only sell your products online or you have a store I can visit?

Nuelis is a brand which only provides services through the online store. If you
order a product that does not suit you for any reason, you can return it within 14
days from the date of delivery, and Nuelis will reimburse your paid money. For
more information, see the SETTLEMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF

2. How much does the delivery cost and when will I receive the product?

Nuelis products are delivered by Post Express courier service. The delivery
charge is 250 RSD in case the amount of your order is less than 5000 RSD. If
your order is higher than the indicated amount, the delivery will be free of charge.
You will receive your order within the 3 days from the purchase.

3. What are the payment methods for ordered products?

There are two ways to pay for the product at the moment. You can pay directly to
the courier upon the arrival of your order, or by making a payment to our bank

4. If I am not from Serbia how long will I have to wait for the product and how can I make a payment?

Nuelis delivers products outside Serbia as well. International delivery is done
through the Post Export courier service. Buyers from the countries in the region
and European countries will wait for about 10 days on their order, while the
shipping to other parts of the world might take up to 20 days.

5. I received a product that I did not order. Is there a possibility of replacement?

In case you received a product that you have not ordered, Nuelis owes you both
an apology and a replacement of the order with the product you want. If this
happens, feel free to contact us at hello@nuelis.com and we will correct our
mistake as soon as possible.

6. Can I return the product I already used?

Our rules clearly define that the product can not be returned after being used. In
case your product does not suit you, you should return it within 14 days, without
any use, in the original package and with a correspondent invoice.

7. I want to order a product in a specific color, but there is no color I want in your offer.

If you want to order a product in a different color that is currently unavailable in
our assortment, contact us via email and, if possible, we will make the product in
the color of your choosing. Keep in mind that in this case you can wait on the
product longer than usual.

8. How can I contact you?
For any additional questions, comments or suggestions you can send us an
email at: hello@nuelis.com.