Terms and Conditions


By registering on the Nuelis.rs website you are consenting to be bound by these Terms and Conditions:
* The Terms and Conditions will be clearly and precisely defined at any time. All
changes that may arise due to legal frameworks or a change in assortment and offers will be clearly indicated. We encourage you to check the terms and conditions prior to each purchase.
* When ordering Nuelis products, both parties, the buyer and seller, undertake to
comply with previously determined rules. This means that the order can not be suddenly canceled or modified in any way, unless there is a clear agreement between both parties.
* By placing an order through the online store, the buyer undertakes:

1. To make a legitimate enquiry or order
2. To select the specifics of the product (color, shape, size, model)
3. To choose the quantity
4. To register by providing accurate contact details and address
5. To accept the Terms and Conditions
6. To complete the order
7. To choose the method and execution of payment
8. To receive the Nuelis product

* Once the buyer has completed all the steps, the seller is obliged to notify the customer about the details of the order electronically. The buyer will receive an e-mail as a confirmation of the order containing: the name of the article with description in accordance with the chosen product, price of the product, quantity, the total amount of payment, method of payment and the delivery method, including the address that the buyer had previously provided.

* The sellers obligation is to deliver the order to the buyers address within 3 business days from the date the order has been placed. If there are certain changes or inability to send the goods, the seller is obliged to notify the buyer of those changes within 3 days from the date of purchase.

* For any other type of order, which includes additional demands, such as making
orders in accordance with specific requirements, the delivery period will be longer than 3 business days, and it is more precisely determined in agreement with the buyer, all depending on the specificity of the order and time necessary for production.

* Nuelis bears no further responsibility in the event of unforeseen delay in delivery by the courier service, nor additional costs that may arise after the customization of products.

* The buyer of Nuelis products is required to provide accurate and precise delivery information. When placing an order, the buyer must indicate their name and last name, the exact delivery address and product specification (product name, color, size, model, quantity). The seller is not responsible in case the customer provides incorrect and incomplete information.

* The buyer must pay the exact total amount of the order. In the event that the buyer pays less than the indicated amount, the delivery will not be made and the money will be returned to the buyer.

* Once the goods have been delivered, the buyer is obliged to check the order. In case the package is damaged, torn or faulty in any way, the customer is obliged to require for the package to be opened in the presence of the courier. In case it is determined that the products have been damaged, the buyer is to make a letter of complaint.

* You can find out more about the terms of complaints here.

* Any dispute between the buyer and the seller, which can not be settled consensually and in accordance with the wishes and demands of both parties, shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Belgrade court.

* Nuelis strictly respects the privacy of customers, which means that your personal information will only be used in the purpose of making a purchase and in no case will it be delivered to third parties or be made publicly available.

* Important: Data from your payment card is not available to us, as the billing procedure is done through the Bank Intesa website in Belgrade. The charge is made with the latest technology that guarantees the security and protection of your confidential data.